ESXi 4.1 and PS/2 keyboards

I've recently upgraded/migrated our ESX 4.0 servers to ESXi 4.1, as VMware stated that 4.1 will be the last ESX release and recommended the migration to ESXi.

The migration itself didn't pose any problem as there isn't a migration process per se. You just have to migrate your VMs to another host and install the ESXi hypervisor. All went well until I had to press 'Enter' to install. It just didn't work.

It seems that ESXi 4.1 has a problem with (some?) PS/2 keyboards on (some?) servers. I tried the install CD on 3 different models of Fujitsu-Siemens servers and it didn't work on eighter one of them.
The solution was to use an USB keyboard for the install. It still remains an inconvenience as we have all the 30-40 servers (still, only 3 ESX :) connected through KVMs with PS/2 keyboard connectors.


Thanks to Valentin Hristev (see comment below), there is solution to use the PS/2 keyboard:
When you boot your ESXi 4.1 and see blue screen fast press TAB to edit boot options then edit with "acpi=off" it should look like this:

mboot.c32 vmkboot.gz acpi=off --- vmkernel.gz --- sys.vgz --- cim.vgz --- ienviron.vgz --- install.vgz

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